Hiroko Murakami「Mercyniyan & Swiss Roll」

Hiroko Murakami「Mercyniyan & Swiss Roll」

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Hiroko Murakami is picture book writer from Hyogo, Japan. Her best known work is 「Mercyniyan」. As her another work, she’s been running “Studio Roko” for designing and editing, and teaching how to make picture books.
In Dohjidai Gallery of Art, she held the exhibition twice a year, it exhibited hand-made books of her students and her works.

Let's make Swiss Roll with Meryniyan!

This is picture book with receipie.
Mercyniyans make Swiss Roll the way they feel.
Not only children but adults enjoy Mercyniyans and making!

Publisher:Studio Roko by Hiroko Murakami
Type :hard cover
Languages:Japanese and English
Condition:hand-made book